With the midterms quickly approaching and Biden’s approval ratings in the dumpster, he has trotted out student loan forgiveness in the past week to placate his progressive base.  Current proposals for student loan forgiveness include at least $10,000, while some would forgive all of the $1.6 Trillion in student loan debt in the United States.

J.D Vance, who is endorsed by President Trump and is running for the vacant Senate seat in Ohio, gave an excellent response to a reporter when asked about his stance on student loan debt forgiveness.



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“The basic thing is that the student debt system and, frankly, the entire college education system in this country has become incredibly corrupt.

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I think the problem with student debt forgiveness on the backs of taxpayers is that it basically doesn’t force any reform to that incredibly corrupt system.  It’s, in some ways, a bailout for the people who are causing the problem.  It’s one of those things where, if you do it, you’ll help a lot of young kids right now, but you’ll hurt the next 20 years of young kids, who are exposed to an even more corrupt and even more inflated system.

So, I think there are a lot of things that we should be thinking about doing.  One, make student debt loans dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Two, something like a large university endowment tax, and fund some student loan support through that.  But anything that doesn’t go at the universities I think is not just papering over the real problem, but actually making that problem worse.”

Vance has made opposing universities corruption and woke indoctrination one of the core tenets of his platform.  He has went so far as to declare universities ‘the enemy.’  Trump endorsed Vance last week and said he was ‘tough as hell’ and the candidate most likely to win at a rally in Delaware, Ohio.

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