Daily Wire’s Mary Margaret Olohan shares reporting on a DC Clinic performing illegal and dangerous partial-birth abortions

With abortion being one of the left’s most coveted forms of murder, as well as a key point in the “culture war,” it comes as little surprise that while decent states like Texas put laws into place to limit the killing of unborn children, liberal cesspools like DC are performing illegal and violent abortions of viable babies.

Encountering a heavily pregnant woman in the middle of her abortion, the Daily Wire’s Mary Margaret Olohan reports that a DC clinic is performing partial-birth abortions–an illegal and dangerous process–in which a viable, late-term baby is aborted. This is disturbing and repugnant beyond all doubt.

The staff of the abortion clinic, Washington Surgi Clinic, refused to allow the reporter to speak to the “Doctor” in charge, and attempted to prevent patients from speaking freely with Mary Margaret. However, the heavily pregnant patient encountered told her that she was in the middle of having her abortion as they speak.

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DC has the least restrictions on abortions in the nation, not even requiring a licensed physician to approve or perform the procedure. Additionally, some clinics advertise performing abortions up to 26 weeks into the pregnancy. Yet this isn’t enough for liberals. The Washington Surgi Clinic is reportedly performing abortions even later into pregnancies than that, quite illegally, and pro-life doctors state that it is unquestionable that some of the babies were being born alive.

The left-wing butchers need to be stopped in as many states as possible, but under Biden’s regime and with many liberals seating courts and governor’s offices across the country, this task is easier said than done. Voting out liberals wherever they are found is crucial to saving lives, as over 600,000 babies are killed in abortions each year in the US.

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