Tragically, in the early morning, eight people were reportedly shot dead and several others wounded inside of a Fed-Ex building located at the Indianapolis Airport.

CBS 6– Authorities said Friday they had not yet identified a gunman who stormed a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport, killing eight people and wounding several others before taking his own life.

Deputy Chief Craig McCartt of the Indianapolis police said the gunman started randomly shooting at people in the parking lot and then went into the building, where he shot himself shortly before police entered.

An unidentified reporter interviewed an alleged eye-witness in the Fed-Ex parking lot where the shooting began.

In addition to pushing a gun-control narrative, ABC News also reported that the gunman is  a “short white male.”

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The eye-witness explained to the reporter that he tried to contact several people to warn them of the situation: “I told all of my friends and all of my co-workers that were about to drive into work, not to come into work because of the dangerous situation that just occurred.”

The witness explained that he was in the parking lot when two people pulled up in a vehicle. “Two people,” the eye-witness said, adding, “I remember one guy showing up, and he pulled out another gun from his trunk, and then he went inside, and then he went outside.”

“Do you know his race—what they looked like?” the reporter asked. “I do not know,” the male witness responded. “Hmmm…alright,” the black reporter responded, leaving the impression that he may not have believed his response.


The Democrat mayor of Indianapolis Joe Hogsett also spoke out about the incident, using it elevate his status in the leftist anti-gun community, as he took advantage of the opportunity to brag about how he signed onto a letter with over 150 mayors around the country asking federal legislators to expand background checks on private citizens.

The mass killings of Americans are horrific. Whether the killer uses a pressure cooker, an airplane, a vehicle, a gun, or even fertilizer, the end result is still the same, and it’s incomprehensible how someone could have so much hatred in their hearts that they would take the lives of innocent people. However, taking pressure cookers off the shelves in stores, vehicles off the roads, or guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens is not the answer. Perhaps instead of blaming the weapon of choice, we should start looking at ways to put more safety precautions in place in schools, in large public spaces, and in large facilities like the Fed-Ex building in Indianapolis, where the mass killing took place.

Democrats and anti-gun activists are already using this tragedy to pad their case against gun ownership in America. Let’s stop using the shooter’s race to divide Americans further or prove that white males are responsible for most shooting deaths in America when in actuality, the facts show that nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s stop blaming the weapons and start blaming the lack of help for Americans suffering from mental health issues or our criminal reform system that’s been opening the doors for violent offenders over fears of COVID spreading in prisons.

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