Hillary Clinton was in NYC yesterday visiting a kids center and then had a meeting with Israel’s Netanyahu later in the day.

There’s so much about this video that’s striking!

Hillary is very tenuous at first when she starts down the stairs and holds on to the rail turning sideways looking down. When she sees the reporter she looks shocked that the reporter is there then totally changes her demeanor. The reporter then apologizes for showing up!

“I just ran into Scooby…honestly”

Why should a reporter have to apologize for being there? 

Did anyone notice Hillary has a full length coat on when it was a 70 degree day in New York City? 

One more thing…

Who dressed this woman? She’s wearing two different shades of green! Pea green and Kelly green together? 

 Watch Hillary’s demeanor totally change when a reporter shows up: 

Clinton just left “Apple Seeds” kids center in Flatiron. Feeling good about debate? “Getting ready, getting ready!”

Look at the difference in pictures: Do you want Granny in her pea green jammie pantsuit leading America or the properly dressed Donald Trump?



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