One of Joe Biden’s first acts of stupidity as the imposter-in-chief was to announce a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of 9-11. For those who’ve been living in a cave, al Qaeda, the terror group behind the worst massacre on American soil, was planned in Afghanistan in al-Qaeda training camps.

When the Biden regime realized they were making a colossal PR blunder, they decided to change the date US troops would withdraw from Afghanistan to August 31. Unfortunately, for the feckless Biden military who prioritizes the teaching of Marxism and wokeness to our US military, the Taliban has decided it’s time for the US to leave and not the so-called leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

As Joe Biden vacations at Camp David, Americans are being evacuated from the Taliban-ruled nation.

Not everyone will make it out. An untold number of innocent people are trapped at the airport in Kabul. Chaos ensues as reports of gunfire coming from outside the airport.

Here are just a few tweets from a reporter who goes by “Mustafa 47” on Twitter (likely to hide his true identity). His tweets reveal the fear of innocent people as they watch the nation collapse.

In this heartbreaking tweet, “Mustafa 47” asks for prayers for his baby, as he is “hopelessly stuck in Kabul” with his wife and his 11-month-old baby.

Afghan informants and interpreters and human intelligence assets who risked it all to help American troops and intelligence agencies are being dragged out of their homes and murdered in the streets.

Videos of bodies lying on the ground on the streets outside of their homes in Afghanistan are stunning.

***WARNING***videos are graphic.

Joe Biden’s horrible handling of the Afghanistan crisis will go down in history as one of the most horrible international incidents in history.

This is Joe’s Vietnam.

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