Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis debated Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum tonight and blew him away! Watch the opening statement from DeSantis below:

DeSantis began his one-minute opening speech by thanking his wife and mentioning his “two kids under two”. He continued by saying he’s an Iraq war veteran. He then went on to list the key things he would do if elected:

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DeSantis brought up Gillum’s desire to raise taxes on Floridians and to create new taxes. DeSantis wants to keep the economy churning by not raising taxes.

He also mentioned improving the environment and specifically the Florida Everglades.

DeSantis took on immigration and sanctuary cities saying he is not in favor of harboring illegals in Florida.

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He went on to talk about Gillum’s track record of corruption and failure as the Mayor of Tallahassee. Ouch!

Reports are coming in saying DeSantis won the debate. His closing statement focused on not raising taxes:


We have to agree that the opening statement alone was enough to make you want to vote for the Florida Congressman.

President Trump thinks he did a great job too!


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