Organized looting and rioting has wracked the state of California in recent months as law and order continues to break down in the state.  Recently, left wing mobs looted a Nordstrom in California and beat up employees.  This week, rioters attacked a news crew covering looting in Oakland, California and shot a police officer attempting to protect them.  The Gateway Pundit Reports

“A retired Oakland police officer has tragically passed away from his injuries after he was shot while protecting a local TV crew that was documenting a large flash mob of looters as they ravaged several stores earlier this week.”

Kevin Nishita, a security guard and retired police officer, was the victim of the mob.  Nishita was a security guard assigned to protect the KRON4 news team as they covered the unrest.  In the midst of the organized looting, a group of rioters broke off and attempted to attack the news team to steal their camera equipment.  Nishita quickly stepped in to protect the news crew, stepping in between the rioters and the news crew.  In the midst of the chaos, one of the rioters shot Nishita in the abdomen.  He was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for severeal days after succumbing to his injuries yesterday.

California has been the site of repeated rioting and looting in the wake of BLM-led unrest after the death of George Floyd as well as other BLM-linked causes.  Last year, Black Lives Matter protests in support of George Floyd turned violent as rioters began looting a Nordstrom in Seattle.  Rioters stole merchandise from the store before setting it ablaze and set cop cars that attempted to respond to the unrest on fire.

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