Over the weekend, a British transgender woman named Mika Minio-Paluello stirred up major backlash after posting an image of themself “breastfeeding” their baby, despite the fact that they are a biological female. Former NCAA swimmer and current women’s rights activist Riley Gaines wasted no time in calling Minio-Paluello out for pedophilia.

After Minio-Paluello shared an image of himself “breastfeeding” his baby, many people were quick to point out that men cannot actually produce proper breastmilk to feed a baby, and anything being discharged from his nipple is man-made and not fit to be consumed by an infant.

Gaines quickly pointed out another problematic aspect of this situation, saying, “This can only be described as sexual abuse of a child.”

Explaining herself further, Gaines posted a video explaining that Minio-Paluello uses nipple clamps for sexual gratification.

She shared images that Minio-Paluello posted on Instagram of himself using nipple clamps, as well as the caption that accompanied these pictures that said: “When you have to test all the nipple clamps in the queer feminist sex stores, to check you can tug hard on them. And take photos so your lover can help you pick what to buy.”

Transgender Mika Minio-Paluello “breastfeeding” his baby
Mika Minio-Paluello trying on nipple clamps to fulfill his sexual fetish

“So I guess what I’m wondering is how can any sane human being see this man posing with this child, obviously sucking on his nipple, now seeing what he engages in privately and not see this baby as an erotic prop for this man with a sick fetish,” said Gaines.


“It is sexual abuse of a child… and all of this to say that in America we are normalizing pedophilia,” she added. “And we’re normalizing this behavior in the guise of human rights. But sexual abuse is not a human right for anyone.”

“This is a battle of moral vs evil.”

Gaines posted the images she referred to in her video on Twitter, writing, “Proof that the baby in the photo I tweeted yesterday was used as an erotic prop to satisfy a fetish. Notice the nipple clamps… How can someone look at this man and not immediately think he needs to be in prison for sexual abuse of an infant? The smirk on his face says it all.”

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