During the closing arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, ADA Binger defended the attack of Kyle Rittenhouse by Joseph Rosenbaum.

Joseph Rosenbaum

NYP – Rittenhouse’s lawyers have argued that the teen believed that he was under attack and feared for his life when he shot Rosenbaum.

Frank “Drew” Hernandez, a self-described “professional commentator” for Real America’s Voice, was also called to the stand Thursday and described how Rosenbaum had been “physically aggressive” before the shooting.

“[Rosenbaum] was getting physically aggressive,” Hernandez, who was capturing video footage the night of the shooting, told the jurors.

He testified that he watched Rosenbaum lead a charge of rioters into a gas station earlier in the evening.

“He appeared to be attempting to start a physical altercation with people in the gas station to the point where he was telling one of the individuals with a rifle, ‘Shoot me, N-word, shoot me,'” Hernandez said. adding that he was “clearly attempting to start a physical altercation.”

Today, in his closing statements, Kenosha ADA Binger made a joke about the threatening and violent behavior of convicted pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum.


Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a much different take on Joseph Rosenbaum, who was sent to prison for sexually abusing five children between 9-11.

Left-wing Snopes confirmed Rosenbaum’s criminal history:

…yes, at age 19, Rosenbaum was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing five children — all boys between the ages of 9 and 11 — in Arizona’s Pima County in early 2002, according to his case file obtained via a public records request by Snopes.

The documents said Rosenbaum was temporarily living with the boys’ parents after his mother had kicked him out for disobeying her rules about one month earlier. Over the course of his weeks-long stay, Rosenbaum molested the boys, showed them porn, and performed oral sex on them, among other offenses, the documents showed. He was sentenced to prison for roughly 15 years, and authorities believed at the time “his risk to recidivate being of great concern to the community” considering the victims’ gender and age.

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