We previously reported that the Maricopa County, Arizona had finally agreed to an election audit.  The terms were vague and we expected the audit to be a disaster.  Well, Maricopa County did not disappoint! Screenshots taken from the scene show the Wi-fi network was renamed “f*ckyou!” while observers showed up outside of the facility where the so-called audit was taking place to check for irregularities, including WiFi connections

Matthew Allen Bibber’s image taken during the audit process in Maricopa county of a failed ballot camera.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Maricopa County allowed the same Board of Supervisors responsible for all of the alleged fraud to choose and hire uncertified auditors to handle the certified audit.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Washington D.C. immediately certified them just in time for the audit:

“…the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS), the body that oversees elections in the Phoenix area, finally agreed to have audits performed of their 2020 election results after suing the Arizona Senate to prevent the audits from taking place.  The MCBOS finally agreed but only if they could choose the auditors.  The auditors they chose they claimed were certified but we found out that they were not.  Within hours of our reporting, the governing body in Washington D.C. certified these entities.  We have no idea what information the governing body used to make this change.”

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But that isn’t all.  According to their report, they routinely didn’t follow any audit procedure–including ignorance or contempt for security procedures, as well as leaving wi-fi networks open with video game consoles attached to them.

The Gateway Pundit goes on:

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“Pro V&V was one of the firms selected by the MCBOS.  Not only were they NOT certified when selected, they apparently are not very professional as well. 

A local group of Phoenix IT specialists decided to observe the Pro V&V team performing their audit in Maricopa County.  Surveillance was available per public access to surveillance cameras at the location the audit was being performed.   The observers were able to review the activities going on inside the auditee’s location.  Many actions caused the observers concern.

One observer, Ryan Hartwig, signed an affidavit where he explained that he was concerned about the audit being performed because the nest cams (cameras set up to film the work being performed) in the tabulation center were not working properly and the auditors there often looked at the cameras, used their phones in the facilities, and left the door to the facility open, which indicates a lack of knowledge of, or contempt for, proper access controls. (Access controls are those controls that prevent unwelcomed access to a facility or network.  Ensuring doors are locked, ensuring proper access to a facility through passwords or keys, ensuring property access to machines and networks through the use of adequate passwords, prevention of intrusion through the Internet, etc. would be types of access controls.)

On the evening of the 5th, after observing the auditors for a week, Ryan and some members of his IT group decided to drive to the location where the audit was taking place and review the location for improper system and building access.  He observed, as noted in his affidavit below:

I left my home and drove to the MCTEC, getting there around 10:20pm.  I opened an app on my android phone named Wifi Analyzer (made by VRem Software Development) and saw that there was a network with the name of MCPublic that was an open network. When Aaron got there and ran a scan, he told me he saw an Apple TV, Xbox, and a Wii on the public county network. Where we were at, there weren’t that many other buildings nearby. Aaron also scanned and said he saw a 3Com device on the network, which he told me is vulnerable to hacking.

But, still there is more.  It turns out, these unprofessional and previously uncertified auditors allegedly taunted lawful IT expert observers with derogatory digital curse words during the phony audit, as well:

“At one point, Aaron told me he saw one of the networks change names to “f$$kyou” [see picture below]. I looked over at his laptop and saw the WiFi name “f$$kyou”, and I took a picture of his laptop showing that. I then used The WiFi Analyzer on my phone and also saw the same network “f$$kyou” on my phone as well. I took a screenshot of that on my own phone. The Wifi Analyzer shows distances and I looked on my phone and saw that it said that the MCPublic network was at approximately 195.3m and the “fuckyou” network was at approximately 193.3m from my position.

Ryan provided the screenshot below as well:

Image showing a network named fuckyou
Image showing that a network called fuckyou existed at during the audit process in Maricopa County, AZ
Image showing that the MCPublic network appeared ‘open’

However, perhaps the most damning irregularity in this process will sound all too familiar to people who have been following the allegations of massive fraud during the 2020 election process: cameras stopped working, USB drives were inserted, and many lines of commands were run on the system which “ran for over 9 hours into the next day.  This is highly suspicious.”

The affidavit for 20-year IT and CIS expert, Allen Van Bibber explains:

“On Feb 5th we went to the online site to watch the cameras and found that the larger machines
were rebooted into the command console. We went back and pulled the video footage and we
found that at around 4pm a few men manually rebooted the machines into the special recovery
mode in Windows. They inserted a new USB drive and started a command that then proceeded to
run many other lines of commands. This process ran for over 9 hours into the next day. This is highly

On Feb 6th watching the cameras we found again a few men return to continue the work. On one
of the larger machines they remove the black USB drive and insert a new white usb drive around
10:45am, looks to labeled one removed. Again highly suspicious. When a real forensic audit is done
typically you never boot the installed OS. You use a special tool to block the modification of data and
use a tool to image the drive. Then the data can be reviewed properly.

Throughout these past few days other things we have noticed include the following. The workers
seemed to glance at the cameras quite a bit. During the audit the secure conference room door was
left open at times. We found that media covered the story and their footage showed the workers
taking apart the machines.”

Are you having flashbacks, yet, to the 2020 election?  The affidavit goes on:

“During this week we had team members travel on-site to check the area for wireless activity and
physical security. While monitoring, several wireless access points were found including the
Maricopa County Elections Department. The team on the ground did a quick check of the wireless
without any hacking and did find questionable devices. While these devices may not be on the
business network, it could provide a way for bad actors to gather information to start an attack or
bridge networks. We were able to take what little information that was provided and produce a
public IP, from the Maricopa County Government IP block AS4211, that is connected
to the internet. Now that may not sound like a big deal but again it is highly questionable because
what can be done with wireless networks.

Additionally, it appears that the room may not have WiFi
blocking protection, including to be able to block cell signal as we watched many of the workers use
cell phones and laptops. With that said even if the election machines are air-gapped, which many do
not believe, one could easily setup a wireless device to connect to a nearby wireless device such as
the ones found on site. There are other types of devices such as 4g/5g hotspots that can be plugged
in as well (Documentation, video and statements have provided some of this information by
Dominion and others).

I have many hours (GBs) of recorded video from the web cams that I can provide. The videos
include some of the activities that was covered and others that were not covered. I would highly
recommend these videos be reviewed as we did not have time to review them all.
In conclusion ACTION MUST BE taken especially now that digital evidence may have been destroyed
or damaged. I would recommend that a forensic audit of all physical ballots be done along with
digital and physical equipment. I would also highly recommend an audit by a firm that has no
relation to Maricopa County Elections Department, staff, any they recommend or have worked with
in the past.”

Is Maricopa County going to do ANYTHING about the complete contempt for law, process, procedure, and common sense security measures in the Maricopa audit?  Arizonians must demand this because nobody else is doing it on their behalf.


Three of the sworn affidavits can be found here:

And here:

And here:

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