Hardcore, unconventional, conservative and badass artist “Sabo” has been taking his message to the streets for several years. I had a lengthy phone conversation with him last year and after I hung up the phone, I had the same kind of feeling I had after meeting Andrew Breitbart. Like Andrew Breitbart, Sabo’s not fighting a conventional war against the left, he’s studied them, he knows the dirty tactics they use to win and he’s determined to beat them at their own game, even if it means shocking a few Americans along the way. Sabo never got to meet Andrew Breitbart, but always wanted to, as he recalls here:

Now a thing about me was I’d spent a good three years trying to get sober. In that time I did everything I could to stay the hell away from politics. It was the most peaceful three years of my life. Unfortunately during those three years guys like Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart were really picking up steam. So, because of my absence from the political scene I didn’t really know much about them. And what little I did know about Glenn Beck I didn’t really like. I remember friends would try turning me on to him but I wasn’t into his delivery, too loud, too passionate. Not my deal. Sadly Andrew passed away about the time I decided to get back into the political fray. I never had the privilege to meet him. Everyone says we’d of really gotten along. I did however get to meet his crew and they were all stand up people.

Glenn Beck interviewed Sabo in 2015 when he was still keeping his face hidden from the public:  

One of Sabo’s most popular pieces of work was his badass representation of Ted Cruz who he wholeheartedly supported for President.


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During the campaign, Sabo came after Hillary and Bernie Sanders pretty hard. He focused on plastering his hard-hitting posters in areas where fundraisers or events for Bernie or Hillary were taking place. 


Sabo wanted to make sure the American public saw Hillary as he saw Hillary:

hillary poster

It took him a while to come around to Donald Trump, but eventually he did.


Sabo’s controversial artwork can be found on posters, t-shirts and bumper stickers at his online store: unsavoryagents.com 

repub new punk

Here’s a video of Sabo replacing a sign in a park bench in LA with his own unique printed message. Notice the guy smoking a crack pipe on the bench the entire time.

In 2014, Sabo got a little visit from the Secret Service over his “controversial” posts on Twitter. He certainly didn’t handle the interview in the way most Americans would have.:

Sabo will be on FOX News’ Tucker Carlson show tonight at 9 pm EST. He’ll likely discuss the artwork that he plastered all over LA in advance of the Oscars last night.

Here are a few of the posters liberal actors found when they arrived on the red carpet.”

image4-embed_0 image3-embed sabo

We can promise you one thing…it won’t be an interview you’ll want to miss…


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