Wow! What a week for the Democrats! Nothing like the truth to bring the Dems to their knees! With the start of the DNC Convention, it’s looking like the Bernie supporters are going to put on a huge demonstration. This’ll be interesting since their chairwoman has been ousted and Hillary just hired her. And they said the Republicans are divided? This gathering of leftists will show us what “divided” looks like…get ready for chaos!

PHILADELPHIA – The Democrats’ convention kicking off Monday still faces the potential for rowdy protests from Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters, despite the ouster of Democratic National Committee leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz serving as somewhat of a peace offering to liberal factions of the party that have accused her of tipping the scales for Hillary Clinton.

Sanders supporters were angry over leaked emails that show the Florida congresswoman and her team blasting Sanders and discussing ways to undermine him.

While her resignation could calm that storm, the liberal wing still appears intent on protesting over other grievances including Clinton, the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, picking Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate.

Norman Solomon, a Sanders delegate from California, said Sunday that Clinton picking a centrist like Kaine is an “assault” on the progressive agenda. He said the roughly 1,250 Sanders delegates connected to his Bernie Delegates Network are considering walking out during the Virginia senator’s expected acceptance speech at the Wells Fargo Center, and they are even looking into contesting his nomination.

Via: FOX

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