When 9-year-old Dylan wrote an adorable letter to President Donald Trump he probably had no idea that the president would write back, much less have his letter read publicly by press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened her first press briefing with a letter from 9-year-old Trump fan.


Sanders’ reason for reading the letter was to remind people of who the president is “fighting for”.

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At the start of the daily White House press briefing, Sanders announced that she plans to occasionally read letters or emails sent to the president as a reminder of the “forgotten men, women, and children that we’re here to serve and that the president is fighting for.” -The Daily Caller

The letter reads:

“Dear President Trump,

My name is Dylan —- but everyone calls me pickle. I’M 9 years old and you are my favrit president. I like you so much I had a birthday about you. My cake was the shap of your hat. How old ar you? How big is the White House? Ho much monny do you have? I don’t now why people don’t like you. You seem nice can we be friends? My pitcher is in here so if you see me you can say hi.

Your friend Dylan”

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