White House press secretary Sarah Sanders blasted CNN for trivializing Indian-American Trump aide Raj Shah by referring to him as “whatever his name is”. 

Monday night, CNN host Chris Cuomo referred to Raj Shah as “Raj whatever-his-name-is” during a segment condemning President Donald Trump for being racially insensitive.

“Remember … we went to the White House when it happened, and Raj whatever-his-name-is didn’t back off the words,” Cuomo said earlier Monday.

Watch Cuomo’s exchange here:

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Raj Shah is the principal deputy White House press secretary and the son of immigrants from India.

Shah tweeted to CNN’s Chris Cuomo after he referred to him as, “Raj whatever his name is”


Sarah Sanders, in her usual direct way, hammered CNN for their inability to properly identify Shah, not just once…but twice. 

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