Hardcore feminists are some of the biggest hypocrites in the world and their silence when conservative women are being harassed or attacked is proof this isn’t just a generality.

Take what recently happened to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for example.

Michelle Wolf, a correspondent for the “Daily Show,” ruthlessly mocked Sanders for stating she would be attending the White House Correspondent Dinner, stating she [Sanders] would finally get to attend prom.

BizPacReview reports:

“I’m just excited Sarah finally gets to go to prom!” Wolf told the Daily Beast, referencing the longstanding joke that the WHCD is a “nerd prom.” In her dig, Wolf basically suggested that Sanders never went to her high school prom because no one asked her, either because she was too unpopular or too unattractive.

Wolf’s jab is the latest in an unending barrage of mean-spirited, sexist attacks on Sarah Sanders (which typically center on her appearance and weight). Despite their claims that they support female empowerment, liberals have viciously bullied Sanders simply because she works for President Trump.

It’s super inconsistent for those on the left who claim to be all about female empowerment and defending folks from verbal and physical abuse to only protect those women who belong to their own group.

That is tribalism and flies in the face of the “inclusivity” and “diversity” they claim to be all about.

If these people want to talk about standing up for women, then they need to put aside the partisanship and defend women in politics whether they agree with them or not.

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