Following retired Senator Orrin Hatch on Twitter is such a joy. He’s got quite a great sense of humor. He’s been trolling Joe Biden with tweets about retirement. The one from today is especially great because he tweets it to Joe Biden…

Retired Senator Orrin Hatch just tweeted out a savage tweet to give Joe Biden a hint about just how great retirement would be for the former Vice President…

Saturday 9/28 268th day of retirement.

Slept in until 7 AM. Still not adjusted to sleeping half the day away.

7:30 Ate bacon. Finished just in time for a mid-morning nap.

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Retirement is excellent. Cc @JoeBiden

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And then there’s this from September 13th:

Joe, in retirement you can have your record player on as loud as you want at night.

Sometimes we play Buddy Holly records until after 6 PM and nobody seems to mind at all. (Our neighbors call us “party animals” for staying up so late)


Hatch has a pinned tweet that’s a great troll directed at the leftist straw stealers:

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