According to Attorney David Carroll, who filed an amicus brief in conjunction with President Trump in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court of the United States “Won’t even consider Trump’s Pennsylvania case Until AFTER January 6th” regarding the massive amounts of alleged election fraud that has occurred, there.

The SCOTUS is the highest court in the land, which recently refused to perform its constitutional duties and hear the Texas lawsuit.  In addition, rumors of SCOTUS clerks overhearing a cowardly Chief Justice John Roberts (a George W. Bush nominee) bullying his justices into dismissing the Texas lawsuit have been widely spread.  Finally, famed attorney Linn Wood claims Justice Roberts made it his mission to prevent President Trump from getting a second term.

Justice John Roberts

It is apparent that SCOTUS intends on running out the clock on President Trump’s presidency and chances to challenge the massive fraud that took place during the election.

In January, the U.S. Congress meets to certify the Electoral College vote that took place earlier this month.  If nothing changes, Joe Biden will be certified as president-elect.  But do not lose hope; the president still has several legal avenues to success in this election.

There is an amicus brief signed by 106 republicans, including Mo Brooks.  Despite the dismissal of the Texas case by SCOTUS, these Republicans still plan to challenge the January congressional certification.  According to one of the signees, congressman Mo Brooks, “election tallies resulting from these unconstitutional processes are invalid and are one of many reasons why I will object to certifying the Electoral College votes from these states.” If left unchallenged, the early January congressional certification would affirm Joe Biden as President-elect using the millions of alleged fraudulent and otherwise invalid votes received in the 2020 election.

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