Last month, President Trump called out Democrat Adam Schiff, the number one accuser of President Trump on the failed Russian collusion narrative. After John Solomon of The Hill reported that the House Intelligence Committee chairman had an “encounter” with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson in Aspen last summer.

The meeting happened at the Aspen Security Conference and Schiff never disclosed that the meeting took place.

Simpson is the one who hired Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele.

Now, Fox News host Sean Hannity is warning the House Intelligence Chair, whose only goal appears to be destroying the character and credibility of our sitting President.

During an interview with Rep. Devin Nunes last night, the Fox News host said the joke is still on Schiff because he has incriminating evidence against him. The congressman knows it too, Hannity said, because he acted rather shifty when he confronted him about it.

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“I’ve got a tape of him colluding with the Russian or somebody believed to be a Russian that had compromising materials or naked pictures of Trump,” Hannity revealed. “And you know he was hyperventilating on the phone call didn’t know it was a hoax.”


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According to Townhall: Nunes also chatted with Hannity about the $150 million lawsuit he filed against McClatchy News and their “fake news stories” about a conspiracy to obstruct the Hillary Clinton and Russia investigations.

“So, all of this was done in concert while they were slandering and attacking me and defaming me, attacking Republicans and the whole time they were getting this information from someone,” Nunes argued.

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