Because featuring men with razor stubble in full makeup makes every woman want to go out and buy more makeup…right? Whoever thought of this is a marketing genius…
Is anyone else sick of this PC BS yet?

Makeup Artist Manny Gutierrez is the first man to be chosen to rep for the Maybelline make up brand.


Gutierrez is following in the footsteps of James Charles, who was chosen last year by CoverGirl to be its first-ever male spokesperson.


Maybelline chose Manny as one of the new faces of its Colossal Big Shot mascara campaign for his VERY ON-POINT EYE MAKEUP LOOKS. Also because he’s already amassed more than 3 million Instagram followers. –Buzzfeed


Because it’s probably pretty difficult to find beautiful women to use in their ads geared towards women…right?

Here’s what Maybelline ads used to look like when they used women to showcase products they were marketing to women.

2-maybel 3-mayb maybel-1

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