The results are in—and most of us expected, Liz Cheney is Wyoming’s biggest loser!

Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for US Representative Harriett Hageman just defeated the incumbent RINO Liz Cheney in Wyoming’s primary election.

The newly elected Harriet Hageman

The Trump-hating Liz Cheney just found out the hard way that voting to impeach an innocent US President and working with Democrats to falsely frame Americans over a fake insurrection isn’t very popular with residents in Wyoming.

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And so it is, the Republican congresswoman who got more money from Democrats than Republicans to fund her re-election campaign will now go down in history (next to her father, former VP Dick Cheney) as one of the most unpopular Republican politicians in America.

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So far, Trump-endorsed candidates have replaced 8 of 10 RINOs in DC!

We’ll share Trump’s statement as soon as it becomes available…

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