Dr. Blair Peters, a self-described ‘queer surgeon,’ conducted an interview where he revealed the long-term consequences for children undergoing sex-change surgeries.

He said patients face infertility, incontinence, and sexual dissatisfaction in a now-deleted video.

According to the Daily Mail, Peters admits the procedures are experimental and his team is figuring out what works.

“In the video, Dr Blair Peters, a self-described ‘queer surgeon’ with ‘he/they’ pronouns, pink hair and a ‘passion’ for genital surgeries, says patients face fertility, sexual pleasure and other lifelong post-op complications,” the Daily Mail reports.

“We’re kind of learning and figuring out what works,” Peters said in the interview.

“We’re going to learn a lot more in the next 5-10 years,” he added.

Daily Mail reports:

Dr Peters, a highly-rated plastic surgeon at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), made the admissions in a 37-minute interview with Dr Brianna Durand, of Empower Physiotherapy in Seattle.

The original video post from last year appears to have been deleted, but then retrieved from an archive and shared recently on social media. Viewers called the procedures ‘evil’ and compared them to Nazi-era experiments.

The conservative scholar Christopher Rufo likened Dr Peters to another clinician, the fictional experimenter who builds a monster from body parts in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein.

OHSU, Dr Peters, and Dr Durand did not answer our requests for comment. OHSU’s gender clinic is well regarded among trans patients; wait times for some procedures stretch to as long as two years.

In the video, Dr Peters describes advances being made in phalloplasties and vaginoplasties, including by using a robot controlled by a second surgeon to build a ‘neo-vagina’ from penis and scrotum tissue.

He also describes wholesale genital removals for non-binary patients, an increasingly popular procedure known as ‘nullification.’

Controversially, he addresses the ‘handful of puberty-suppressed adolescents’ undergoing genital surgeries at OHSU — referring to minors who have taken puberty blockers to delay their growth spurt.


MEAWW also reported on Peters’ comments:


He said that with those boy-to-girl transitioners, doctors “don’t have enough tissue” to make the neo-vagina and must transplant skin from another area. Dr Peters stated, “We’re kind of learning and figuring out what works.” After surgery, patients commonly experience issues, the doctor said. He claimed they might have “rectal injury and urinary incompetence.” Some people find it difficult to get “sexual satisfaction” from changed bodily parts, and their odds of “future childbearing” are worse.

Some of them require “really demanding post-operative care,” he continued. The neo-vagina canal of nearly every patient who has had male-to-female genital surgery shortens with time, he claimed. Dr Peters said, “We’ve seen patients coming back even 20-plus years out from a vaginoplasty that has something happened in their life, that they just don’t dilate, and aren’t having sex for a year, and they will lose a lot of a lot of depth,” as reported by DailyMail.

In related news, Seattle Public Schools’ School Based Health Centers offer middle and high school students access to “gender affirming care” that includes hormone therapy and referrals for surgeries.

ALERT: Public School District to Offer Minors Free “Gender-Affirming Care” Without Parental Disclosure

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