Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke with the media outside of the U.S. Capitol earlier today. He first talked about the upcoming elections and the necessity of retaking the Senate. One brave reporter called him out by citing a social media post maded by the Senator blasting Republicans with “#doyourjob.”

Another reporter asked Schumer if Trump’s 2016 victory is the reason why there will be a third conservative justice sitting on the Supreme Court Bench. She asks the pertinent question: “What is the message now to Democrats?” The message isn’t just to his colleagues in Congress but to the American People. So according to Schumer every American has the same political belief? Yeah right. ***WARNING VULGAR LANGUAGE CAN BE HEARD FROM A HECKLER***

Schumer tells the press that the Democrats must regain control of the Senate by winning the upcoming general elections.

We are going to look how we can produce change…

This “change” that Senator Schumer is referring to is something the nation already has experienced and its citizens are Fed Up with this bullcrap.

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