The Republicans in the Senate voted overnight to pass the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill. The bill goes to the House for debate now.

This is good news for Americans who are suffering through hard times because of unemployment.

The problem with the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill, after taking a closer look, reveals some troubling pork that Nancy Pelosi injected into the bill.

Once again, Pelosi put refugees and migrants before legal Americans:

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She wanted $300 million but got even more for this group! Check out the item below, and you’ll see that she got $350 million in the new bill that just passed the senate:

Several other items were in the bill that Republicans and Democrats passed:

-$25 million for the Kennedy Center

-$75 million to the National Endowment of the Arts

-$75 million for NPR/PBS

While the Democrats dither and talk about “shared values,” Americans are suffering. Republicans caved too. Time to vote these spineless crooks out.

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