The Olympics isn’t looking too promising this time around. Athletes are bailing out because of the covid restrictions, and activist athletes are all about protesting.

Tennis champ Serena Williams just announced she will not be going to the Tokyo Olympics. Even though she refused to say why, she previously said covid restrictions would prohibit her from seeing her daughter. Are there more athletes who will drop out because of the covid restrictions put on them in Tokyo?

After the USOPC reversed its ban on anthem protests in March, ‘woke’ athletes are taking advantage of the opportunity to call attention to themselves by protesting the country they are going to Tokyo to represent. After all, it is TEAM USA…

Also, during an Olympic trials award ceremony in Eugene, Oregon, yesterday, hammer thrower Gwen Berry turned her back on the American flag during the national anthem. It didn’t end there. She then placed a black t-shirt over her face with “Athlete/Activist” written on the front.

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Berry won the bronze medal in the hammer throw and was on the podium when the anthem played for the winners. Is Berry unaware that she’ll represent the U.S. when she goes to the Olympics, no matter how much she protests her home country? Berry is an outspoken activist who was previously sanctioned for anthem protest (see video below), but with the ban on protests lifted, it’s open season for athletes like Berry.

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Video below of Berry raising her fist during the anthem in 2019:

After the ceremony, Berry claimed that the timing of the anthem was ‘a a setup’ and ‘disrespectful.’ Disrespectful? How in the world is it disrespectful to play our national anthem? Even though Perry claimed the playing of the anthem was ‘a setup,’ organizers said the ‘timing of the anthem is part of a published schedule.’

Should Berry be stripped of her bronze medal, or is she just exercising her free speech?

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