Sharia lawyer and expert Daniel Akbari tells Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media why Muslims are less likely to integrate into Western nations. This is one of the best interviews we’ve come across on the truth in Sharia law and abiding by the Koran. How can a Muslim follow our laws when they are taught to follow Sharia law…or else. The punishment is severe for those who haven’t assimilated into American society. It’s a sense of fear with a woman who chooses not to wear a head covering because she could be severely punished.

MUSLIM ASSIMILATION? It’s Not Happening In Minneapolis’ “Little Mogadishu” Where Sharia Rules [Video]
Isolation of the Somali Muslim community AND teaching Sharia law in Muslim schools in Minneapolis are the two main reasons why we should still fear their recruitment to terrorism.

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Assimilation hasn’t happened and that’s a HUGE problem!

During the election last year, I stumbled upon a reporter’s videos and couldn’t believe my eyes. THIS is the end game that the Democrats are hoping for:

WAKE UP AMERICA! SOMALI CANDIDATES IN MINNESOTA Only Speak In Somali At Caucus…Guess Who They’re Voting For [Video]

A very recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune discusses a new Somali Mall:

Minneapolis Council Member Abdi Warsame pledges to build new Somali mall

Pete Hegseth goes to “Little Mogadishu” and finds out that many Somali Muslims don’t speak English and that they actually teach Sharia law in school but not sure about American law. This all goes back to the REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM and the HUGE problem with bringing over 3 million MOSTLY Muslims to the U.S. in the past 30 years. We need to take a look at defunding this program because it’s ballooned way past what it was originally intended to be.


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