Holy hell! Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is at it again. Earlier this week she appeared on the Democrat Party network CNN to discuss arming Texas teachers. Her mostly incoherent response, about “bump weapons” and “bump…uh…fixtures”, should cause every American to question how this woman has occupied a seat in our United States Congress for 23 years.

This video makes me want to go door-to-door in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district in Texas, not to confiscate guns, but to ask every person in her district why they keep reelecting this lunatic?

Sheila Jackson Lee was asked by CNN host Fredricka Whitfield about Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s idea to arm teachers as a way to stop the violence in schools. You would never know what question Lee was answering based on her response. In fact, it’s not clear what Lee is saying at all.

Here’s an excerpt from Lee’s response to arming teachers in Texas schools:

I’m not suggesting uh… that we should…uh…not recognize the Constitution…but…

That means that if you take assault weapons and bump…uh…and you’ve bump…uh…weapons…uh…bump…uh…fixtures…to make an assault weapon, and you kill uh…hundreds of people, tens upon tens of people, that’s not protected by the Second Amendment…should not be. So we need to find a way to keep guns away from people who would do harm…This young person shot people he did not like…You need to have to find a person like that, who has a “born to kill” t-shirt on his Facebook page.

Lee clearly knows very little about “bump stocks”, or the First or Second Amendment, but what the heck…she’s been winging it for decades, and it doesn’t seem to stop her constituents from going to polls and re-electing her every two years…Wow!



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