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While persistently destroying anyone moderate or right leaning, this is what Disney producers and Hollywood think of you and your children.  Walk Away.

Inside the mind of a Disney producer who makes programming at a company geared toward your children.

Recently, we have been covering the grotesque leftist hypocrisy surrounding Disney’s treatment of conservative voices within their multi-billion dollar organization.  Superstar actress and former pro-MMA multi-year champion, Gina Carano recently became a new face of the Western rebellion against cancel culture after being fired from Disney for not being a woke hyper-feminist zombie.

What is most remarkable: she gave up the unfathomable notoriety and money from Disney by not backing down during her latest shaming by the left.  She refused to grovel or beg or publicly flog herself for having an opinion, as is customary in Hollywood and America, today.

This places her character squarely above almost anyone in the GOP.

Because of this, she was then immediately signed by Ben Shapiro at his film studio, Bonfire Legend.

In our previous articles, we noted numerous incoherent woke policies and decisions at Disney.  These policies allow leftists to say whatever vile or ideological thing they want, but condemn conservative voices.

But we came across this incredible statement and image by a top Disney producer from 2019 and felt it was worthy of a story of its own.

Jack Morrissey is a producer at Disney whose most recent films include Beauty and the Beast and The Good Liar, according to IMDB.

It turns out, he has some twisted horrific fantasies about what he dreams of doing to the children of Trump supporters.

Sarah Palin shared Jack Morrissey’s now-deleted tweet back in 2019:

Of course, this is considered satirical free speech by Disney and Twitter (as it should be, despite being grotesque, horribly unfunny, and obviously offensive to many so long as ideology is allowed to speak so freely)

But it does show the wild double-standard within Disney regarding the personal opinions and ideologies of its staff.

Gina Carano recently got fired almost instantly for a meditative critique on the fate of societies in which citizens are taught to hate their neighbor.

So swift was her firing that she learned of it from news reports, not Disney management, according to reports.

But Jack Morrisey still works at Disney to this day?

This is the fantastic double-standard of globalists at work:

Fantasizing about the grotesque mutilation and murder of children is an acceptable pass-time for a Disney producer of Beauty and the Beast so long as long as he is part of the globalist bandwagon.

Eventually, of course, useful idiots like Jack Morrissey will no longer be of use to the totalitarian globalists.  That is because totalitarian history is replete with countless ‘Jack Morrisseys’.  Many of them work at Disney to this day!

Down in their darkness, they hate you.

You pay their salaries by purchasing their expensive products and they joke about putting your kids through woodchippers.

But, if the cancer of totalitarian leftism continues to spread things won’t end well for most of them, either.

When it suits a narrative, the totalitarian elites above them (who lack any moral foundations) will have no problem canceling Jack along with others in a ‘cleansing’ of some kind by their own party.

Americans need to discuss and revere strong and active souls like Gina Carano in order to come back to our constitutional principles.

If not, our entire society will be put through the woodchipper by useful idiots like Jack Morrissey.

And its blades will not care what side you were on.

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