Horrifying video footage from a village council meeting in Ukraine’s Western Zakarpattia region shows a local official detonating multiple grenades inside a crowded room.

Ukraine’s National Police is investigating the incident as a potential terror attack.

“The incident occurred about 90 minutes into a livestreamed meeting in the Keretsky Village Council,” the New York Post reports.

“According to the preliminary information, at least one person was killed and 26 were wounded, including six in serious condition,” The Kyiv Independent wrote.

It’s unclear if the official who detonated the grenades was injured or killed.


Here’s another version posted to X:

The Kyiv Independent reports:

The police did not identify the suspected perpetrator of the bombing, but Ukrainska Pravda and other media outlets alleged that it was Serhii Batryn, a village council member of the Servant of the People party.

The regional media outlet Zakarpattia24 shared a video in which Batryn complains about other local officials. Zakarpattia24 also said that Batryn had previously feuded with colleagues about a wartime pay increase for the head of the village council.

Before he detonated the grenades, Batryn allegedly got into an argument with his coworkers about the issue, who refused to take his side. After the dispute, Zakarpattia24 said he left and returned with the grenades.

“May I speak?” Batryn, the man allegedly responsible for the attack, asked before removing the grenades from his jacket pockets and tossing them on the floor, according to the New York Post.

From the New York Post:

Photos taken after the blast showed puddles of blood on the floor and overturned furniture.

The explosion injured 26 people, six of whom were hospitalized in serious condition, according to officials.

Ukraine’s Security Service is investigating the explosions as an act of terrorism.


Batryn was initially said to have been killed, but police later clarified that doctors were trying to save his life.

Friday’s council session was held to approve the village’s budget for 2024, but Batryn, a deputy from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Servant of the People Party, argued that he and his colleagues should first give a full report on the 2023 budget before moving on to next year’s.

Batryn also had a long-standing feud with village chief Mikhail Mushka, reported the news Telegram channel Zakarpattya24.

Batryn had opposed a proposal to allocate a 50% raise and a monthly bonus for Mushka during the war, and had voted against deeming the village chief’s job performance satisfactory.

At the height of the budget debate, Batryn walked out of the council headquarters and returned less then three minutes later to detonate the grenades.

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