What is amazing about this video is that it captures the unimaginable positive attitude of the female Trump supporter in the face of an angry mob of Trump haters. These men waving Mexican flags and shouting expletives can be seen throwing eggs and other unknown objects at her face and head while yelling “Mexico”! This brave woman just smiles and flashes a peace sign at the angry mob. Talk about composure!

These men waving Mexican flags are more than likely illegal aliens. They are becoming increasingly more violent as the prospect of being sent back to Mexico or Latin America is becoming closer and closer to a reality. The gravy is train is pulling out and these uninvited criminals who have been living in our country under the cover of progressivism are scared to death they’re about to get the boot. This will only get worse before it gets better. If America is serious about sending these lawbreakers back to their homeland, we need to use the woman in this video as an example of courage and steadfast commitment to saving our nation.

Here is a view from another angle of the mob of Mexican men assaulting the lone female:


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