It appears there may be a revolution of sorts happening in the super liberal state of California, as a new survey reveals shocking results about how citizens really feel about deportations and Trump’s travel ban.

According to the recently conducted study, a vast majority of those living in the state are in favor of deportation for illegals and almost half support the travel ban on individual coming from specific Muslim countries who aren’t doing enough to dismantle terrorist organizations.

Fox News is reporting:

An overwhelming majority of Californians want to deport more illegal immigrants, and nearly half support President Donald Trump’s travel ban aimed at reducing terrorism, according to a new survey from the University of California at Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.

But in reporting the findings of the statewide December 2017 survey, the Haas Institute on Wednesday appeared to put a liberal spin on some of the results.

For example, the headline of its news release reads, “Majority of Californians oppose border wall, support racial inclusion.”

But the actual data say that in California, “66% reject the idea that the U.S.-Mexico border wall is an important immigration policy priority” — not that they oppose the wall entirely.

And results also demonstrate that only 54 percent — or slightly more than half — of Californians “have positive views of Muslims,” and only 51 percent “oppose banning people from majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States.”

Meanwhile, “59% find it important to increase deportations of those here without documentation.” Nearly 80 percent, however, support a pathway to citizenship for so-called DREAMers, and “67% think undocumented immigrants should be able to purchase health insurance on the California state exchange.”

But the results show that many Californians already have a sense of identity and values, outreach campaign or not. For example, 45 pecent of Californians said that being Christian is an “important part of being American,” and nearly 40 percent don’t want to limit law enforcement cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, according to the survey.

The survey comes as several California cities and counties back the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state’s pro-illegal immigration sanctuary policies.

The fact that so many Californians are in favor of deportations and the travel ban should serve as the final bit of proof needed to persuade the majority of leftists that the average American is not at all in lock step with progressive ideology.

In fact, it certainly seems as if folks everywhere are starting to wake up to the fact that much of the policies coming out of the Democratic Party regarding these issues simply do not work with many of them being a direct denial of reality.

We lock our doors at night to keep undesirable people — you know, criminals — out of our homes, to protect our families and the possessions we work hard to earn. More and more people are starting to see this same principle applies to our nation too. If someone broke into your home at night, you’d call the police and have them removed, right?

After all, they don’t have the right to be there, do they?

This is just plain common sense.

Let’s hope this awakening continues and the state of California finally joins the real world.

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