Conservative filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch has made some shocking and eye-opening movies that address our nation’s failure to properly secure our borders. Lynch’s “They Come To America III: The Cost Of Obama’s Legacy” is his most compelling and shocking movie to date. There are some terrifying moments when Lynch exposes Muslim training camps right here in America. In addition to training camps in the US, Dennis Michael Lynch takes us to our northern border to show just how easily Islamic terrorists can cross into the United States. Lynch’s interview with an undercover US Border Agent exposes the cover-ups and lies our previous administration used in an attempt to make us trust that our government was sufficiently protecting our borders. As Lynch proves in this short clip, nothing could be further from the truth.

With leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s open arm policy for refugees coming from every terror-hotbed nation in the middle east, there has never been a more important time for our nation to lock-down both our southern and NORTHERN borders! Perhaps we missed it, but to date, we haven’t heard President Trump mention that he’s planning to address this potentially serious threat to our north.

WATCH this shocking trailer, as it shows how vulnerable our nation is to terrorists entering the US from Canada:



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