Shoppers in a Seattle-area mall physically confronted a naked man after he allegedly attempted to “touch kids.”

The incident reportedly occurred in Tukwila on October 1, but footage of the incident has gone viral in recent days.

In the video, the naked man attempts to evade angry bystanders and a fight ensues inside a JCPenney.

It appears a woman is on the phone with police while a group of men chase down the naked man.

“He’s, like, fully naked,” she says.

“He’s like, holding the kid. He has two kids with him,” she added.

She asks where the cops are as the naked man attempts to run away.

After the naked man grabs a pair of pants off the clothing rack, the group of men try to subdue him.

“C’mon, let’s get him,” one of them shouts as they surround him.

Seattle-based journalist Jonathan Choe shared the footage on social media.

“Naked man allegedly tried to touch kids in Southcenter Mall. Bystanders moved in and obliterated him.
Tukwila PD confirms incident happened Sunday October 1. Calling it someone in mental crisis. Detained and taken to hospital,” Choe said.


Daily Mail reports:

The video was initially posted by a Seattle-area Twitter account from the JCPenney location in Tukwila, about 10 miles south of the city.

A Seattle-area reporter did not identify anyone in the video but confirmed with local police that the attack took place on Sunday, October 1.


The location at the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila is one of just over 600 remaining in the United States.

A reporter said Tukwila Police described the naked man as ‘someone in mental crisis’ and adding that he was soon detained and taken to the hospital.

It is unclear if he was charged with a crime in connection with the incident or if the man who punched him was. has reached out to Tukwila Police and JCPenney for further comment on the incident.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the town has a crime rate of 162 per one thousand residents, an abnormally high level.

In 2016, it was declared ‘America’s Most Dangerous City,’ according to KING.

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