What a great idea for the gun enthusiast in your family! Stores like Walmart¬†are selling shotgun shell Christmas lights during the holiday season, setting off angry snowflakes on social media. Note to snowflakes…It’s just a Christmas light!

Check out these fun lights that Rebecca N. clearly didn’t like because they just LOOK like shotgun shells:

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Newsweek says the lights have backfired on Twitter. One pro-gun Twitter user had a great comeback to the outraged anti-gun people:

‚ÄúIf you don‚Äôt like them don‚Äôt buy them. Walmart also sells phones which cause more distracted driver deaths than shotguns. They sell knives and baseball bats both are used to kill more people than shotguns”

Another response that is pretty funny:

Oh my Lord, they’re not real gun shells dear they’re just lights shaped like them. Good God go take a Xanax and have a glass of wine or something cupcake before your fit of pathetically offended nonsense hurts you.

We Googled these lights and they may be purchased in so many places. Who knew? In case you want them pronto, Amazon has them for sale.



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