THE ARTICLE BELOW IS FROM POLITICO – This article is a perfect example of the main stream media’s bias combined with Barack Hussein Obama’s lies and spin of the truth. First of all, it’s pretty ironic that supposedly Obama plans to “Protect Muslims from people like Donald Trump who threaten their religious liberties”. Who the HELL is threatening any Muslim’s religious liberties? The irony in all this is that CHRISTIAN religious liberties are being threatened EVERY DAY around the world! Christian persecution is happening everywhere yet you hear NOTHING from this jackwagon of a president! Obama also says he will continue to bring Muslim refugees despite “the voices that seek to divide us”? What the heck is he talking about? Americans have welcomed and paid for over one million Muslim immigrants and refugees since 2001:Twelve years after the September 11th hijackers were invited into the country on temporary visas, the U.S. decided to admit 280,276 migrants from Muslim countries within a single fiscal year.

To put these numbers into perspective, this means that every year the U.S. admits a number of Muslim migrants larger in size than the entire population of Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; or Dayton, Ohio.

The rate of Muslim immigration has been increasing since September 11. Between 2001 and 2013, the United States permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States. Unlike illegal immigrants, legal immigrants granted lifetime resettlement privileges will be given automatic work permits, welfare access, and the ability to become voting citizens. Via: Breitbart

This year, we’ve “welcomed” over 1,000 refugees with ONLY TWO being Christian! ONLY TWO! Entire towns have been transformed into little Iraq with the call to prayer five times a day ringing in the ears of “welcoming” and tolerant Americans. We’ve literally bent over backwards to bring in all these refugees at our own expense!

Donald Trump was SO RIGHT when he called for a moratorium on Muslim refugees! This has nothing to do with anything other than PROTECTING OUR OWN PEOPLE! We have every right to do so!

Please read the article below on Obama’s message and you’ll be sickened by his attitude and support of one community over all others:

President Barack Obama had a message for Muslim Americans preparing to observe the beginning of Ramadan on Sunday: He’ll protect them from people like Donald Trump who threaten their religious liberties.

In an official statement, Obama said America would continue to welcome immigrants and refugees, despite “the voices that seek to divide us.”

Obama’s official statement on the start of Ramadan, a monthlong holiday observed by Muslims through fasting during daylight hours, did not mention Trump by name, but the president’s remarks clearly seemed to be a swipe at the presumptive GOP nominee.
“I stand firmly with Muslim American communities in rejection of the voices that seek to divide us or limit our religious freedoms or civil rights,” the president said in the statement. “I stand committed to safeguarding the civil rights of all Americans no matter their religion or appearance. I stand in celebration of our common humanity and dedication to peace and justice for all.”
Obama said he looks forward to hosting Muslims at the White House as the monthlong observation concludes in July.
Trump on Sunday suggested that a Muslim judge may be biased against him in a Trump lawsuit because of his calls for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Read more: POLITICO

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