The truth about what’s going on in America is coming from Australia…

Sky News host Rita Panahi says the mental decline of the “utterly deplorable and inept” US President Joe Biden, can no longer be ignored.

Panahi said Biden’s mental decline can no longer be ignored, “not by the Democrats, not by his handles and not even by his media allies who steadfastly refused to cover his cognitive issues during the election campaign”.

“Anyone who has observed Joe Biden in recent years could attest to his cognitive decline, his incoherent rants, his inability to answer the simplest of softball questions”.

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Panahi said Biden seemed to be “inattentive and fatigued” during recent public events.

“It’s clear that the leader of the free world isn’t even free to decide when to answer questions,” she said.

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“How many monumental screwups will Biden oversee before he is impeached?”

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