The effort to destroy President Trump and others on his campaign is backfiring. Those who protected Hillary then tried to cover it up are now literally shaking in their boots. The “FISA abuse” memo will be released showing the Democrats and intel agencies were in cahoots. Tucker Carlson just called them out in a fantastic summary. Carlson said that this can “destroy a country” but we believe that this will only destroy the Democrats and reveal them for who they really are.

Dan Bongino: “Where are the Democrats on this? I thought they were the party of civil liberties.”


Time is now up for the shifty-eyed crowd that protects the “corruptocrats” in D.C. The DOJ’s Jeff Sessions just tweeted this out…

Michael R. Caputo was on Tucker Carlson’s show and had great insight into what it’s been like to be “smeared first, asked questions later”. These people targeted by the Democrats are true Patriots who are willing to run through the fire for what’s right. They’re pretty awesome!

Mr. Caputo told his story to Tucker about the huge expense to many on the Trump campaign team who’ve testified to the Democrats. He will spend over $100K when it’s all over. He was strong in his desire to testify even though he said, “he’s got a family to raise”. This is expensive for Mr. Caputo and so many others who are forgotten in this sham of an investigation. Shame on the Democrats!


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