This year, Roger Stone revealed that his wife has Stage 4 Lymphoma, which he partly blamed on the stress of him and her being ‘smeared, framed and gagged’ as he faces a politically biased prosecution involving tax evasion.  Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison connected to the Mueller investigation that tried to find collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  President Trump pardoned Stone in December of 2020 during the final months of his administration.  This week, an SNL host made an appalling joke about Roger Stone’s cancer stricken wife, implying she should be gang raped as Roger Stone watches.

“Trump advisor Roger Stone who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie (joke – haha) refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6th attacks, though Stone said he would be open to sitting in a corner and watching the committee take turns on his wife.” The host could be heard saying.

In late May it was revealed that Stone’s wife, Nydia Bertrand de Espinosa Stone, was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer which spread to her lungs.

The House has issued subpoenas to dozens of Trump campaign associates and administration officials in connection to the unrest on January 6th.  As of this month, they have issued 51 subpoenas.

Democrats have seized on the unrest on January 6th to politically persecute Trump supporters, from protesters at the rally who have been subject to egregious human rights violations, to House Republicans who have had their phone records subpoenad.  Richard Barnett, a protester at the January 6th rally, was allegedly beaten by prison guards and denied medical treatment when he thought he was having a heart attack, according to his lawyer. “They are treating those people worse than they treat the terrorists at Gitmo (short for Guantanamo),” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) claimed at a Cobb County Republican Party breakfast.

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