NYC Mayor De Blasio was giving a back and forth interview with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders when they discussed the “problems of the free enterprise system”…Huh? These two socialists would be happy for everyone to have the same little box at the same price. De Blasio is notoriously spending twice as much on his affordable housing project in NYC (see below). The free enterprise system is what allows some to live in what they can afford…It’s just common sense and it works. Socialism doesn’t work…look at Venezuela!

“The Bernie Sanders Show” (who knew Bernie had a show?) had Mayor De Blasio on when the senator brought up the issue of affordable housing. Senator Sanders claimed that almost every major American city has a shortage of affordable housing.

The mayor explained that since the city has gotten safer, more people want to live there, driving up rents “out of reach for working people.”

“And if government doesn’t intervene—I think you and I both share a very stringent view of the problems of the free enterprise system,” de Blasio continued, adding that “serious government intervention” is needed to address housing needs.

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“This is one where the free enterprise system marginalizes people and forces them out of their own neighborhood,” he said. “The only way to stop that is through serious government intervention.”


De Blasio is spending a ton of money on his affordable housing project:

New York Post reports:

What appears to be a compassionate policy actually helps just a fortunate few at the expense of taxpayers generally and can contribute to neighborhood decline.

The policy is less about “physical” preservation than keeping rents permanently low in buildings that have long been publicly subsidized but where the obligations of owners to offer low rents may expire.

To “preserve” the units, the city may provide direct subsidies or property tax abatements — or both. It’s an easy way for de Blasio to meet his housing goal, but it’s not a good use of city money.

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