Sociopathic Liars

Sociopaths are defined as someone who lies continuously in an attempt to get their own way, without showing care or concern for others. These individuals are goal-oriented.

Even though it might seem hard to believe, lying is focused – they are focused on getting their own way. Sociopaths don’t have a lot of respect or regard for the feelings and rights of others. They tend to be charismatic and charming, but they will use their exceptional social skills in a self-centered and manipulative manner.

WATCH Hillary tell the world that her daughter (who works for the same crooked slush fund organization as her father) has a PHD in Public Health:

The younger Clinton, a special correspondent for NBC News, is a graduate of Stanford University and holds master’s degrees from Oxford and Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Chelsea was trained at age 6 to be numb to “lies” about her parents:

 (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)
(AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

When Chelsea was just six years old, Hillary and Bill forced her to listen to them act out mock attacks on Bill over and over as she sobbed. This drill did not end until she learned to listen to them without sobbing.

The exercise was in preparation for people that “might even tell lies about her father in order to win” during his 1986 campaign to be governor of Arkansas.

It is unclear whether these training sessions properly prepared Chelsea for the accusations of philandering and sexual assault that would be hurled at Bill during his presidency, especially when she was forced by Hillary to listen to Bill admit to her that many of the attacks were not lies.

“One of Hillary’s punishments for Bill after he confessed his role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal was to have him confess his sins directly to the daughter who idolized him and had defended him,” writes Halper. Via: Free Beacon


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