On 9-11-01, Islamic terrorists flew two airplanes into the Twin Towers in NYC, flew an airplane into the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. and crashed a plane full of citizens into a field in Pennsylvania. U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a Somali Muslim immigrant, recently summarized 9-11 as “some people did something” to a crowd of Muslim supporters in Los Angeles at a CAIR event. Omar used the terminology “Some people” to describe the Islamic terrorists  9-11 attack while attempting to explain how Muslims have been victimized in America ever since the attack. Omar’s remarks didn’t sit well with most Americans.

Last week, on Easter Sunday, Islamic terrorists wearing suicide vests, blew up three churches and three hotels in Columbo, Sri Lanka. It was the worst Islamic terror attack on Sri Lanka soil in the history of their nation. 321 people were killed, over 500 were injured.

The “some people” who murdered 321 innocent people and maimed over 500 more, were all wearing suicide vests.

After the attack, it was reported that the Sri Lanka government was warned of the terror attacks, but did nothing to protect its citizens and guests from around the world who were visiting the popular vacation destination.

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Today, in Sainthamaruthu, Sri Lankan security forces took action that will hopefully help to prevent another suicide terror attack.

The Daily Mail reports – An explosion rocked Sri Lanka as police opened fire at a suicide vest factory during a raid on suspected terrorists linked to the Easter Sunday massacre.

Shooting erupted between security forces and a group of men in the east of the country during a search operation, a military spokesman said.

The raid took place in the town of Sainthamaruthu, 200 miles from Colombo where 253 people were killed in luxury hotels and churches on Sunday.

Local media reported the police took hold of a massive haul of bomb-making equipment in the Samanthurai area, around five miles away from the shootout

Several of the terror suspects blew themselves up as the authorities opened fire, according to Ada Derana.

Earlier on Friday evening, a large bomb-making operation was uncovered at a raid in the Samanthurai area – around five miles away from the scene of the shootout.

A drone camera was uncovered as part of the raid on the bomb-making operation at Samanthurai

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Here’s a video of the raid:

Sri Lanka’s security forces said the location was believed to have been used by Islamist radicals to record a video pledging allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi before carrying out the deadly Easter attacks.

‘We have found the backdrop the group used to record their video,’ the police said in a statement.


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