On Saturday, the son of a Canadian pastor was detained by police and is facing potential fines and jail time because he was preaching outside of a drag queen storytime event for children.

Nathaniel Pawlowski is the son of Rev. Artur Pawlowski, a pastor who was arrested by a heavily armed SWAT team in May 2021 for “inciting” people to go to church while COVID-19 restrictions were in place that prohibited people from doing so.

Last weekend, the younger Pawlowski was preaching and reading the Bible outside of the Calgary Public Library where a drag queen event for children was taking place. Law enforcement showed up to detain him because he was allegedly in violation of a new municipal bylaw that bans protests within 100 meters of a library.

Nathan Pawlowski (left) with friend Deklan Friesen (right) outside Calgary Public Library

However, the pro-trans counterprotesters that were swarming Pawlowski while he preached were not detained or charged with any crime.

The trans activists that showed up to disrupt Pawlowski’s preaching held transgender flags and signs that said “Sashay away bigots” and “Drag queens are safer than ‘pastors.'” Others obnoxiously waved noisemakers in the face of Pawlowski and yelled at him while he preached.

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“I asked the peace officers if they are going to enforce the same law on to the other side with the Antifa protesters, and he assured me [they would],” Pawlowski told Fox News. “So, I waited the entire time until they left, and nobody was served a ticket except for myself and my friend for preaching, reading the Bible, and holding a prayer vigil.”

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“[Calgary Police Services] are just doing the bidding of the mayor and going after who the mayor opposes,” Pawlowski said, referring to Mayor Jyoti Gondek, who he accused of being “completely biased against anyone who disagrees with this alphabet community agenda.”

CPD officer at Calgary Public Library event wearing a pride-themed police vest

Pawlowski has been ordered to appear in court, with each charge under the municipal bylaw carrying a maximum penalty of up to $10,000 or six months in jail.


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