Chesa Boudin has been recalled, now other Soros-backed liberal DA’s may be next

In a large win for justice, San Francisco’s Soros-backed, ultra-liberal woke district attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled successfully–losing by a landslide. Now, other woke DA’s such as Los Angeles’s George Gascon are speculated as being next.

Soros has spent over $40 million, according to the nonprofit Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, on funding elections of woke DA’s across the nation. Boudin is just one such recipient.

Chesa Boudin by AP

Since Boudin took office in January 2020, total crime in San Francisco has gone up nearly 8% to date, largely due to his soft-on crime policies. Consequently, 60% of voters in the very liberal San Francisco voted him out. Rather than apologize for his failure as a public official, however, Boudin doubled down on how great his work is and blamed “right-wing billionaires” for his defeat. Ironic, given his funding by extremist billionaire George Soros.

Four other, much more violent cities also have Soros funded radical left DA’s who face potential recall: Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, and Manhattan

Kim Foxx of Chicago was sworn in in 2016, and to date major crime has gone up by 34% in the Windy City.

Kim Foxx by AP

Foxx most infamously dismissed charges against hate-hoaxer Jussie Smollett, and has sought early release for inmates convicted of any crime save for homicide or sexual offenses. Foxx has also received funding from George Soros.

Since 2018, when Larry Krasner took office in Philadelphia, total crime has gone up almost 23% to date.

Larry Krasner by Reuters

His first term was marked by a mass exodus of over 250 prosecutors who refused to work in the conditions he created for the city, as well as the worst homicide wave Philadelphia has ever seen. 562 homicides were committed there last year alone.Krasner refuses to prosecute many cases, and often gives exceedingly light sentence recommendations to those he does have prosecuted. Again, funding has been received by Soros.

Alvin Bragg, sworn in for Manhattan in January of 2022, has already seen a 43% uptick in major crime.

Alvin Bragg by Reuters

His “Day One” policies immediately angered and outraged shopkeepers and law enforcement as it leaned against locking up any but the most violent of criminals and ordered prosecutors to downgrade some felonies to misdemeanors. Bragg received upwards of $1 million from Soros to win his campaign.

George Gascon, sworn in in LA in December 2020 has caused a nearly 12% increase in total crime to date.

George Gascon

Gascon has received immense support from George Soros and has a reputation as a godsend to criminals, with some desperate to strike a plea prior to his expected recall. He is as soft on crime as they come and gave a mere five months probation to a 17-year-old after he attempted to murder a woman and her young son. Gascon is not yet up for recall, but it is anticipated that he will be successfully recalled this year, with LA County’s deputy DA warning that he’s “next,” in the aftermath of Boudin.

Each of these “prosecutors” have received funding from Soros. Each one has caused a crime spike in their respective jurisdictions. From NYC to LA, crime is up and prosecutors like these are directly responsible. While so far only Boudin has been recalled, there are strong movements already in many cities to recall their crooked and woke officials. George Gascon in LA and Kim Foxx in Chicago appear to be next on the chopping block, as officials and legislators begin to make moves and warnings against them.

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