As the phony January 6th Committee lies away and some RINOs begin to hedge their bets, sources say President Trump is poised to make a big announcement

Due to the lying January 6th Committee’s continued unfounded (and unpopular) attack on President Trump, coupled with many RINOs such as Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and former Vice President Mike Pence being rumored to run in 2024, many Republican strategists anticipate President Trump announcing his bid for 2024 early–by November of this year.

Although he has not declared his intent yet but instead said only that he is “close” to making a decision,  those close to Trump, including Rudy Giuliani, say they have no doubts he will run again. In fact, sources close to President Trump revealed that there’s already some planning involved in an early launch of his 2024 bid.

“There’s discussions about an early launch, and people are planning,” a person close to Trump said.

“There are no specifics, but people are preparing,” they added. “They are laying the groundwork.”

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The source then went on to suggest that President Trump could announce his intention before November of 2022.

Many Republican election strategists have suggested that as more and more Republicans hint at their potential candidacy and as the attacks on him from the left and from RINOs continue, Trump’s best strategy for securing the nomination is to announce his bid early. Indeed, with several prominent Republicans from South Carolina’s Nikki Haley, who had previously vowed not to challenge President Trump, and others such as Mike Pence and Maryland’s Gov. Larry Hogan hinting at running, the 2024 field could quickly get crowded for the GOP.

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However, polls from the end of June showed President Trump with a massive lead in the primaries over any other potential competitor, including Mike Pence and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis–the latter of whom is widely considered one of the most potent alternatives to President Trump.

President Trump is often full of surprises, so anticipating his plans can be tricky–however, the sources close to him seem adamant that he will announce his run this year.

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