After watching this video, and seeing a side of Trump the media rarely shows us, it’s easy to understand why all of Donald’s kids think he’s such a great dad…

A cute little boy in the audience asked Trump a question at his Manassas, Virginia rally on Dec. 2, 2015. Trump thought it was such a great question, he asked the boy to come up on the stage and ask the question again in front of the mic. The boy wanted to know what materials Trump would use to build the wall. It wasn’t his answer Trump gave the young boy that revealed the genuine love Trump has for his fellow American, it was the spontaneous kiss he gave the little boy on the back of his head for asking such a great question.

The exchange went like this:

The young boy asks Trump a question that may be hard for the audience to hear, so Trump asks boy to come up on stage:

Trump: C’mon, c’mob up here. This is such a great question.


Boy: “What are the”…(boy pauses as he realizes he’s in front of thousands of supporters)…“hello.” Trump gives him a kiss on the back of his head, almost as if he was proud of him for asking such a great question. “What are the walls going to be made of?”

Trump: “That might be the best question I get today. I’ll tell you what it’s going to be made of. It’s going to be made of hardened concrete and it’s going to be made out of Rebar and steel (audience applauds). I mean, that’s what I do.”

“Did you ever seen the walls they build now, they’re this high (gestures to indicate low wall) and they drive trucks over them right? They build a ramp and they take trucks over them with drugs, and we get the drugs and they get the cash.  Not good…”

Watch here at the 36 second mark for the sweet, spontaneous kiss:

h/t Down Trend

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