FOX NEWS ANCHOR BRIT HUME just said what everyone with half a brain is thinking about Trey Gowdy’s odd comment (see video below) that the intel spying on Trump’s campaign was basically no big deal: “Informants are used all day, every day by law enforcement.” Hume knows this is total BS and tweeted out a response:”Obviously, but not normally to spy on US presidential campaigns.”

Hume knows it’s not normal to insert a spy into a US presidential campaign. Rush Limbaugh went a step forward and said that if they had a spy in the Trump campaign they should have had one in the Clinton campaign.


Gowdy gave an interview on Fox last night where he claimed that President Trump should sit down for an interview with Mueller…WTH! He followed up with an interview this morning (see video below) where he made comments that show he’s not on the up and up.

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We’ve watched Trey Gowdy over the years and think he gives great lip service to the conservative base but then doesn’t follow through with action. It’s happened over and over with Benghazi and with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

He’s now claiming that it’s normal to have a spy in a presidential campaign. He knows better and is obviously covering for the Deep State.

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Don’t trust this guy and others trying to change the narrative:

“Something is going on though. Two other ‘Fox News Talking Heads’ (Judge Napolitano and Shep Smith) just came this morning with the identically scripted headline/talking points, that “Trump’ Spygate story is baseless”. The wording is obviously set up by someone above them both. You know, the ‘informant’ is ‘normal’ and not a ‘spy’.

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