“Hillary is the embodiment of corruption and therefore the death of the republic”— said author and political commentator Mark Steyn

The brilliant Mark Steyn is always spot on in his commentary. He’s one of our favorite political commentators. He sent a message to anyone even remotely considering voting for Hillary and it’s a perfect assessment of what will happen if Hillary becomes president. 

Author and political commentator Mark Steyn is warning that a Hillary Clinton presidency would mark the beginning of the end of the republic.

“This is insane,” Steyn said Monday. “The Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency will be the death of the republic and the complete descent into banana republic status.”

His remarks came as he sat in for talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. He started first by excoriating the Clinton Foundation, which he said is a none-too-subtle slush fund by which the wealthy can access power and exert their influence.

“It’s corrupt. It’s stingily corrupt, it’s obviously corrupt,” he said. “Hillary is the embodiment of corruption and therefore the death of the republic.
“To decide someone on the take from Saudi princes, someone’s whose managed to deliver 20 percent of U.S. uranium into control of the Russians, someone whose husband has been credibly accused of rape and flies around with a known pedophile, and yet Hillary to these guys is who they’re going to be supporting in November,” he added.

He also criticized conservatives, including P.J. O’Rourke, who’ve said they would likely vote for Clinton over presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump.

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