Lee Smith is a journalist and author who took on the task of writing about the coup against President Trump and when the effort to damage him began.

He spoke to Jan Jekielek about the new book “The Plot Against The President” in the video below.

Lee Smith says we have it all backward: Steele didn’t write the dossier. Steele’s job is to be a salesman to market the dossier to the press.

Smith says he wanted to write about people like Devin Nunes who “walked through the fire” to do the right thing to investigate this coup. Smith has done his homework and is a no-nonsense guy when it comes to giving details.

He calls out the press for pushing the false narrative that Trump is compromised by Russia.

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This video is well worth the time:

Lee Smith is the same Lee Smith who published in 2010 “The Strong Horse; Power, Politics, and the Clash of Civilizations”, about the Mideast.

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