Rioters and looters, protesting the death of George Floyd have moved into St. Paul, MN. hoping to cash in on more free stuff from local businesses, because stealing cell phones, big screen TV’s and car tires always solve police brutality issues. If you don’t believe us, just ask residents of Ferguson, MO. how the riots of August 2014, worked out for them.

Defenseless business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul have resorted to placing signs in their windows, hoping they’ll act as a deterrent to keep “protesters” from destroying their businesses. A sign that reads, “This is a BLACK-OWNED business” is prominently displayed in the window of one business. Another store has a similar sign, and yet another sign warns: “DANGER ACIDS ON PREMISES.”

As looters run in and out of the St. Paul Verizon store, a car across the street can be seen backing up and bashing into the garage door of the Discount Tire Store across the street.

Here’s another view of the looters stealing from Verizon in St. Paul:

The so-called “protesters” scatter when a SWAT team shows up at the shopping center:


Every window of every business that’s broken, and every new cell phone and big screen TV that’s stolen in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN is acceptable with the left because it just proves that Black Lives Matter—right?

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