Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner thought they were going out on a quiet date night but things suddenly changed when they ran into the Stanley Cup Champs Washington Capitals in Georgetown. The team was partying together at a local restaurant when they spotted the couple dining close by. What happened next is pretty awesome for Ivanka, Jared and the team.

Of course, social media’s leftist trolls went crazy with negative comments like, “don’t let her touch it, eww” and “burn the cup it’s tainted forever”.   You can count on the left to continue to slam the team but we’re hoping Trump supporters will show some love for the Washington Capitals!

Here’s what happened according to the NYP:

The couple was on a date night at Café Milano in Georgetown when the Stanley Cup winners spotted them.

“I am eating at the bar at Café Milano and the Champion Caps and Javanka are here. Top that,” tweeted Zach Hanover at 8.15 p.m., along with a video of Ivanka, in a demure sky blue dress, greeting the hockey players.

“TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!” After introductions, the first-time champions invited Jared and Ivanka up to their hotel room to check out the trophy and the group took a picture.

Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin posed front and center with the cup, standing next to a beaming Ivanka and surrounded by the rest of the players, a photo tweeted by Philip Pritchard showed.

“They all started chanting ‘Trump, Trump, Trump,” the source said.

The polite couple ended up thanking the team for their hospitality with Tequila Patron shots, according to the source.

“Jared said they bought 27 shots of Patron,” the source said.

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