This video, of a State Police sergeant, putting a liberal snowflake and her male friend in their place, is one of the best you’ve ever seen—guaranteed.

The video starts with a female snowflake who’s confronting a State Police sergeant, who is part of a gang force, for pulling over a “brown” man. The sergeant, who is clearly irritated with the female for interfering in a traffic stop approaches the female with the camera. What happens next, is pure gold.

Sergeant: Let me give you some advice. When we’re on a traffic stop, you are not legally allowed to walk up and interfere with our traffic stop. You can stand back and record as much as you want to. But if you interfere with a traffic stop again— I’m going to arrest you for interfering.

Do you understand that? Don’t ever interfere when one of my guys is on a traffic stop. Okay? 

My name is Sergeant Dave Ernst. I’m with the State Police Gang Task Force. 


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This is your last warning. If you ever walk up to one of my officers during a traffic stop— I will place you under arrest.

Female snowflake: Alright.

Sergeant: You good?

Female snowflake: Yes.

Sergeant: Alright. You’re free to go.

Female snowflake: Okay. Am I being detained?

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Sergeant: No, you were never detained.

Female snowflake: Okay. Is that person being detained?

Sergeant: It’s none of your business. None of your business.

Female snowflake: I think it is my business.

Sergeant: How is it your business?

Female snowflake: Because I’m a human being…and I…

Sergeant: You have no interest in that traffic stop whatsoever. 

Female snowflake: There is a lot of racial profiling in this town.

Sergeant: Oh, shut up with that crap!

[nervous laugh] okay.

From the background, a male voice can be heard telling the sergeant that he can go.

The sergeant responded, “No, I can stay and talk anytime I want to.”

The male tells the police officer, “Go ahead.”

The young woman with the camera becomes emboldened, as she attempts to threaten the officer telling him, We have a live video going right now.

The young man tells the police sergeant, “We want to talk about racial profiling.

Sergeant: Who’s being racially profiled?

Female snowflake: That individual.

Female snowflake: For being in a gang?

Male snowflake: Exactly. Just being brown.

Sergeant: For being brown? Wow! You are about as ignorant as I have ever met.

Female snowflake: Oh, okay.

Male snowflake: You’re the one who’s making these things happen, sir.

The sergeant laughs, and tells the two snowflakes: You guys, go do something else. Go have fun. It’s Friday night. C’mon Don’t be such idiots.

The State Police sergeant can be heard sarcastically saying, “Put that on your website!”

Barack Obama made it very difficult for a police officer to do his or her job in America. The level of disrespect and anger towards our law enforcement officers was at an all-time high during his presidency. Do you believe President Trump has done a good job of turning the hatred towards our law enforcement around, or is it still as much of a problem now, as it was when he was in office?

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